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Weight Loss Therapy

Dr. Jamie can guide you through a medically managed weight loss program that works for you!
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Weight Loss Consultation


Tortuga Med is focused on providing medically supervised weight management programs to help patients overcome obesity.  Our programs are designed to support patients safely and effectively achieve their weight-loss goals.

Weight Loss Therapy

Consultation and Labs


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Weekly Injections

Semaglutide injections can significantly decrease many patients' overall body weight and abdominal fat. A recent study showed that semaglutide weight loss is effective in many areas, especially the stomach, and can help patients lose belly fat.

12 Week Start-Up Package



Weekly Injections

Tirzepatide injections can help adults with obesity or those that are overweight with weight-related issues, lose significant amounts of body fat.   Tirzepatide is a GLP-1 and GIP receptor agonist that helps control hunger and may also be better tolerated by patients than Semaglutide.  In conjunction with increased physical activity and dietary modifications, clinical studies have shown that Tirzepatide can help patients lose 15+% of body weight and keep it off!

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10 Week Start-Up Package


sermorelin, weight loss

Sermorelin Acetate

Home Injection 5 Nights / Week 

Studies show that within 1 year of Sermorelin therapy, you may experience up to 20% reduction in body fat. Most of this fat loss occurs in the abdominal fat, reduced by 30% compared with 10% in peripheral fat (arms, legs, face and neck). Sermorelin is safe and easy to administer.

Sermorelin - 9mg vial - $160

Sermorelin - 15mg vial - $230

To schedule a Weight Loss Therapy Consultation Call Dr. Jamie at (561) 486-9048 or email her at
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