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What is Direct Primary Care?

Wellness exam

Direct access to your provider

Comprehensive Visits

No Insurance, Subscription Based Healthcare

Patients receive direct access to their healthcare provider.  Direct Primary Care (DPC) providers carry a significantly smaller patient base than a traditional fee for service medical practice.  Therefore, at the onset of symptoms, most patients can see their practitioner for treatment on the same day or next business day.  Appointments are often available in person, virtually, or by phone.   Have a healthcare question for your provider, you can call,  text, or email the provider directly.

The Direct Primary Care model focuses on the whole patient not just what ails them at the moment.  Comprehensive visits that assess the whole patient are integral in managing chronic issues such as diabetes, COPD, and high blood pressure. Overall this means our patients are healthier and spend less time (and money) in the urgent care or emergency room.  Patients achieve superior health outcomes as a result of a true therapeutic relationship between patient and provider.

The Direct Primary Care model offers affordable, transparent costs based on flat rate subscription options.  Patients pay for their care directly to the physician. No surprise third party billing or co-insurance costs.  Many lab services and other testing services are either included in the subscription or delivered to the patient at wholesale cost.  The goal is to cut out unnecessary expenses and transfer the savings to the patient.

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