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Subscription Plans

medical clinic

Ages: 18 thru 39
$65 / Month

Young Adults let’s connect and maximize your health in wellness through:

  • Disease prevention

  • Improving nutrition, physical activity, and mental health

  • Building lifelong health habits

concierge medicine

Ages: 40 thru 64
$85 / Month

Middle aged adults let’s prevent and manage chronic disease through:

  •  Promoting healthy habits

  •  Improving nutrition, physical activity, and mental health

  • Screening for potential harms

primary care

Ages: 65+
$100 / Month

Older adults let’s ensure that we have enough time to manage your healthcare needs and optimize your quality of life through:

  • Promoting healthy habits

  • Screening for potential harms

  • Managing chronic diseases

$100.00 Application fee will be waived for all new members that sign up by November 30, 2023

Tortuga Med also offers non-member visits by appointment only for $150.00 per visit.

Member Services

As a member of Tortuga Med, you will receive all the primary health care services you need, including but not limited to: 

  • Routine office visits for wellness and preventive care

  • Chronic disease management for diabetes, high blood pressure, COPD, etc

  • Personalized health education resources 

  • Same day or next business day appointments for sick/urgent visits

  • Options for telehealth

  • Extended, relaxed office visits (30-60 minutes)

  • Weekend and after hour appointments on a case by case basis

  • Direct access to Dr. Jamie via phone, text, and email

  • Convenient e-consulting specialist services via RubiconMD

  • On-site pharmacy at wholesale pricing 

  • On-site lab services at wholesale pricing

  • In-house lab draws for offsite analysis

  • Discounted imaging services 

  • Specialist/hospital care coordination. 

  • Access to a la cart services

  • Discounted IV therapy and weight loss therapy

  • Complete transparency, up front pricing with no hidden fees! 

  • Family, student, and small business plans available


Additional Services

doctor office

In-House Lab Services

Dr. Jamie provides several routine in-house laboratory testing and monitoring services including but not limited to  the following:

  • Flu A and B ~ $9

  • COVID ~ $5

  • Strep A ~ $2

  • Glucose / Blood Sugar - Free

  • Urinalysis, 10 Panel - Free

  • Pregnancy - Free

  • EKG - Free

  • Spirometry - Free


Out-sourced Lab Services

Tortuga Med can draw lab samples in the office for offsite analysis. As a member, you don't have to make offsite appointments for most routine lab draws, saving you time and aggravation.  Furthermore, lab samples submitted by Tortuga Med may be less expensive than your insurance co-pay.

Link for Lab Pricing

Please note that prices are subject to change.

internal medicine

Wholesale  Prescription Medication

Tortuga Med offers in-house prescription medications from our formulary at wholesale pricing.  In-house prescription dispensing saves members a trip to the pharmacy which saves time and money.  For example, a monthly prescription of Lisinopril may cost $15.00 with insurance at the pharmacy however, we may be able to offer the same for about $1.50.

Link for Common Rx Prices 

Please note that Rx prices are subject to change. 

concierge doctor

A La Carte Procedures

Ear lavage $20

Laceration repair with glue $50

Laceration repair with sutures $125

Incision and Drainage Abscess $75

Simple foreign body removal $50

Skin Tag Excision $25

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